Africa Leadership Team

Martin and Beatrice Ochieng – HVA Director, Uganda Coordinator and Treasurer (Kampala)

Pastor Martin Ochieng was born in Kenya April 9, 1972. Although, both of his grandparents were witchdoctors, his father was Christian and he was raised attending church. In 1984, the family moved to Nakuru Town, where he became very sick, suffering from what appeared to be a combination of T.B and asthma. His parents tried all they could and failed. The doctors did not understand the sickness, so he was released from the hospital to go home to die. One evening two preachers came to the house and found him lying on the cement floor gasping for breath and almost lifeless. After they prayed, he fell into a deep sleep, and when he awoke he was completely healed and he promised he would serve God in the future.
The next year, 1985, he had a vision about the second coming of Jesus and he started reading the bible to know more and found that all he had seen in the vision was written in the scriptures. Two years later, 1987, he had two more visions of the second coming of Christ and in the last one when he came out of the vision, a voice told him that he must give his life to Jesus. He went to the church, confessed and gave his life to Jesus.
In December, 1989, while attending high school, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in supernatural tongues. He joined with other born again students in the Christian Union, preached the gospel to fellow students and teachers and a revival broke-out and many students and teachers came to Christ. The Young Catholic and Muslim Clubs in the school were both shut down and he became the Christian Union Chairman.
After high school in 1992, he began working and serving God, then in 1994, he stopped working to help plant a church in Nakuru Town, Kenya in which he served as Assistant Pastor. While serving in the church, he attended Bible school in Nairobi and graduated in August 1997. After graduation, he planted a second church in Nakuru, but during a 5-day prayer and fasting in Bible school, the Lord spoke to him that he was chosen to go to the nations and raise the standard of believers by preaching and teaching God’s Word. After pastoring the second church for one year, God spoke to him to prepare to leave the church to someone else and go to Uganda as a missionary.
In 1999, he brought his briefcase and went to Uganda. Martin has served as Associate Pastor and missions coordinator at the Kibuli Miracle of Faith Church in Kampala until December 2009, when he left to devote himself fully to Harvest Vision Ministries. Since the year 2000, he has done missions in Rwanda, D.R Congo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, Mozambique, England, China, Australia, Mexico and the USA.
In 2000, Martin married Beatrice, a native of Uganda and they have been blessed with three beautiful children, Peace who was born in 2002, Audrey in 2004 and Isaac in 2008. Beatrice works at the Parliament and is involved in the Christian Fellowship that meets there.
Martin became involved with Harvest Vision Ministries through the internet in 2004. In February, 2005, Martin and Beatrice invited George and Linda to Africa and they visited Uganda and Kenya in November 2005. Since that time, an office has been established in the home, a website has been developed, coordinators have been established in the different countries and sound and video equipment have been acquired to support outreaches & seminars organized by different churches working together in communities. From 2007-2020, 3,204 outreaches have brought 356,025 into the Kingdom where they are now being discipled by these local church families. Ministry outreach has included Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, southern Sudan and is expanding to other countries as the Lord directs. Martin is strongly gifted and devoted to the teaching of pastors and Christian leaders. Martin is serving as the Director of Harvest Vision Ministries in Africa and the Country Director for Harvest Vision Africa (U) Ltd, our Uganda NGO. Beatrice serves as Treasurer for Harvest Vision Africa (U). The ministry primarily works to bring unity by working with all Christian denominations to help coordinate evangelism, teaching and church planting. The ministry also helps coordinate evangelism and teaching crusades and seminars that are supported by larger ministries from the USA and other non-African countries. Starting in 2009, Harvest Vision Ministries has a church fellowship department for church families being over-seen by the ministry. The ministry supports sustainability projects that help the coordinators and pastors have a financial support base without putting the entire burden on the church families

David Idoru & Suzan Okae – General Secretary HVA(U) & HVA Admin Coordinator (Kampala)

David Idoru was born in Ft. Portal, Uganda in 1967. He completed senior school in Sudan and college in Kenya, before moving to Kampala, Uganda where he began working in the family business. David was born again in 1997 and began attending the Kansanga Miracle Center. David presently attends Victory City Church where he is a teacher and leads an adult bible study. He has been employed with the NGO Forum doing IT support since 2001. He has been involved with Harvest Vision Ministries since the ministry began in Africa and currently serves as the General Secretary of Harvest Vision Africa (U) Ltd., our Uganda NGO. David married his wife, Suzan, in September 29, 2012. His wife Suzan serves as the office manager at the Kampala office and also works with Comfort Africa a ministry that supports vulnerable children in slum communities and provides over-sight for the Beloved Bridal Shop in Kampala that was started in December 2014. Suzan also trains impoverished women with economic skills for sustainable livelihood and is part of the youth leadership at the Harvest Church fellowship in Kibuli. After she became pregnant with their first child in 2016, she was involved in a tragic accident where the driver of the motorbike she was riding was killed and she was seriously injured. The hospital was not able to do X-rays to determine the full extent of the damage to her stomach and ribs because of the concern for the baby. After a lengthy stay in the hospital where she and the baby were given care and stayed bathed in the prayers of her Christian brothers and sisters from around the world, she was released on crutches to continue her rehabilitation. She gave birth to a healthy boy, Azriel Awesome Idoru, on November 14, 2016.

Nelson & Martha Wandira  – HVA Bible School & Discipleship Teacher (Kampala)


Nelson Wandira was born in the Namutumba district in eastern Uganda. He received Jesus in October 2002 at the age of 15 and since then, he has walked in a very close relationship with the Lord.  He fellowships with the Kibuli Harvest church fellowship in Kampala and has been involved in ministry work since 2003. Nelson has the passion for the Word of God and has read the Bible page to page numerous times. Through his personal discipline to read the Word, the Lord has given him deep revelations of scripture and has used him tremendously in the teaching ministry. The Lord has called him into the teaching ministry and Nelson will be involved in our bible school ministry where he will be training leaders and new converts the Word of God growing and grounding them in the Word of God through the help of the Holy Spirit. Nelson is married to Martha, a young woman who equally has passion for Jesus. Martha serves the Lord in Sunday School, raising young children for Jesus. Together they are blessed with three sons.

Kennedy & Joan Muyenda Mtyaba – HVA Equipment & Central Uganda Coordinator (Kampala)

Evangelist Kennedy was born on Feb 9, 1986 in Jinja, Uganda. Because of his father’s work, they lived in different places around Central Uganda. Although both his parents were born again Christians, Kennedy didn’t accept Jesus until he was 20 years old but has been serving the Lord since that day. He attends Redeemed Worship Mission Church and has been helping with Harvest Vision Ministries Africa with outreach ministry since 2009. He serves as the technical coordinator over-seeing equipment needs for the over-all ministry and Central Uganda outreach coordinator, including providing over-sight to Pr. Charles Kyolobi, the sub-coordinator in Kayunga, central Uganda. Kennedy married Joan and they have a daughter, Madonna Henson.

Titus & Lorna Nyongesa Framba – HVA Eastern Uganda Coordinator (Namaingo)

Pastor Titus was born July 3, 1978 and accepted Jesus as his Savior in 1992.
Titus and his seven children live in Syanyonja in Buyinja sub-county in the Namaingo District on eastern Uganda. Titus’ wife went to be with the Lord and he married Lorna Akinyi in June 2017. Titus over-sees the Syanyonja Harvest Church Fellowship. The church is used for the Harvest Vision Bible school for the pastor’s and leader’s in the area. In April 2017, after successfully graduating many local pastors and leaders, it was determined to provide a set of sound & video equipment and generator that would be made available to them to help reach the lost in their communities. Titus will coordinate the use of the equipment and will have technicians that will help ensure the equipment is used properly and always available.

Charles & Miriam Kyolobi – HVA Central Uganda Coordinator (Kayunga)

Pr. Charles was born in Kayunga District in the Buganda region of Uganda. Charles was born again in 1997 and attended Africa Gospel Church bible school in Kisugu, Kampala 2002-2005. In 2011, Charles was called to ministry and on the 14th July 2012, he saw Mzee George in a dream. God called him to go back to Kayunga. It is a mixed place with different culture and languages but united by one common language which is Luganda. Charles & Meriam were married in 2006 and have 4 children. Meriam’s mother left when she was 11 months old and came back home in 2004. She preached to Meriam and she was born again. They started doing evangelism without any equipment. They always went to market centers every Tuesday on a market day. As they did that the church began to grow to a total of 50 people, after a crusade, they became 80 people. Charles worked closely with Pr Billy, the previous E. Uganda HVA coordinator, who was born in the same place and received the equipment and training as a sub-coordinator in February 2017. Charles will work with Kennedy, the HVA coordinator for central Uganda.

Rashida Nazziwa-HVA Central Uganda Coordinator (Kayunga)

Rashida Nazziwa was married to one of the Muslim leaders and was born again in 2004. She has 8 children, 3 are married. Her husband kicked her out of the house and her neighbors laughed and made fun of her. She went to Pr. Charles and the church ended up building her a home. Her husband came and beat her and broke her hand. She is a tailor and makes school uniforms for children in the community. She supports and works with Pr. Charles on outreaches and started working as a second Harvest Vision sub-coordinator with Pr. Charles in March 2018.

David & Caroline Vito Ojok – HVA North Uganda Coordinator (Gulu)

David Vito Ojok was born in Orapwogo village near Gulu, Uganda in 1990. He attended Pope John Paul secondary school in Gulu. He was born again in 1995 and during his time serving in ministry has been gifted as an evangelist, keyboard player, and a trained sound and video technician. He started helping Amony Prossy Proscovia, the HVA north Uganda coordinator in 2013. After Prossy got married in April 2017 and relocated to Kenya, David took over the responsibility as coordinator. David has a vision to mentor many young Christians that have been called to be evangelists and pastors. David oversees the sound and video equipment and works with leaders from different denominations to coordinate outreaches in northern Uganda. David was married to Caroline Aciro on Oct 5, 2019. Their first child will be born soon.

Christopher & Sharon Agenorwoth – Northwest Uganda Coordinator (Nebbi)

Christopher Agenorwoth was born in Padwot Kucwiny Sub-county, Nebbi District, NW Uganda. He grew up in the family of his late father who was Rev. Yezenia Abuni, who served as Parish Pastor of Madi and West Nile Diocese from 1976 up to 1992. When he was 7 years old his father passed away. He grew up in the church as an orphan until he encountered Jesus Christ in 2001 when he was 16 years old. This happened to him after he had loved to be in the church. In one of the bible studies, they were discussing the book of Roman 6:23 about death and life. That is when he found himself going to hell but not life. Even though he prayed it was in vain so he decided to receive Jesus as his personal savior and that is why he is not ashamed to tell someone about deciding to live for Christ.
Following his ministry one day his pastor organized a prayer program at Mount Seguku at Entebbe road and it came to pass that one night the Lord spoke to a woman by the name of Florence that the Lord is going to uplift him in his ministry if he keeps his covenant with a sober mind. He explained to his pastor about all these things and his pastor counseled him deeper. Then he kept praying to God about his ministry but by that time he was used to playing piano and guitar in his church and did some minor technical services on the equipment at the church. He was invited for the gospel mission outreach with not only their ministries but other ministries as well, which gave him more experience from 2003 up to now. He loves his ministry of evangelism and it has made him known by most churches and pastors in the District of Nebbi, Zombo, Arua, and Bulisia including some pastors from the border of the DRCongo whom they share with on the mission program.
His connection to Harvest Vision is the fulfillment of his prayer which came through his church elder within the ministry of Living Gospel Mission Church. When he used to request the office of H.V.A to support their ministry with the equipment for gospel mission and as well continued to ask the office to have the extension of H.V.A to the West Nile part of Northern Uganda and later the office asked him to look for someone to be the coordinator for the program and later the elder informed Christopher and invited him to the Head office in Kampala for an interview on mission coordination and simple operational techniques, and later the director considered him to be the right person.
His vision for equipment is to maintain the good condition of it and link more churches to the program and manage the program effectively.
Christopher possesses the following skills: Result oriented, good communication skills, love for the evangelism program, and loves to win souls to Christ
He is currently a Student at a bible school pursuing a Diploma in theology.
Christopher and Sharon, a trained nurse, live with Christopher’s family outside of Nebbi with their daughter, Martha.

Simon & Rose Ndori – HVA North Kenya Coordinator (Archer’s Post)

Pr. Simon Lobei Ndori was born in Samburu County of South Rift Valley of northern Kenya. His father was stolen as a child by one of the warring tribes and was raised with them, where he eventually married and Simon was born. Because of that he has no history of his relatives. The blessing of that circumstance is that he knows 8 different languages.
In 1997 the lord called Simon while he was in Ngare-Mare looking after their sheep. It was around 3:00 pm when he fell asleep and the sheep got lost but while in the deep sleep he heard a voice calling his name three times, “Simon, Simon, Simon”. On waking up from the sleep, he found himself crying. Immediately, he knew that the Lord Jesus Christ was calling him, however, he kept asking himself, “What was the purpose that he was created?” He kept wondering, “God, did you create me for this work?” Then he heard a voice from afar saying, “Come to Me and make a crusade”. He had a vision where the Lord showed him a big harvest.
Eight of 47 districts in Kenya make up the NFD (Northern Frontier District). Five of the districts border the Samburu District and represent tribes that have a history of warring against each other. The region is very dry and people live nomadically (moving for food & water) or are isolated in groups that live in manyattas (stick huts) with long distances between them and others. This makes transportation and communication very difficult.
Simon started with EAPC (East Africa Pentecostal Church) and began reaching tribes using equipment that was donated by Christ (or Tribes) Discipleship Mission. They moved from manyatta to manyatta evangelizing and showing the Jesus film.
Simon registered as Christ Transformation Church in 2012 and started a Bible school to train pastors and leaders. Pr. Simon began work as the HVA coordinator in August 2015 and now has planted seven churches in these remote areas of Turkana, Rendile, Samburu, and also one in Ethiopia. His vision for the equipment in Samburu is to reach the unreached groups of people in Kenya like the Rendile, Turkana, Boran, and Samburu, moving from village to village through making crusades, seminars, and film shows.
Simon was married to Rose Nkokor Ndori in 2003 and they are blessed with four children; three daughters and one boy: El-phlet Naomi, Ischar Marizenah, Ann Ayean & Abraham. Simon and Rose live in Archer’s Post in the Samburu District where they rent a home and Rose operates a beauty salon to help meet the needs of the family.

Zakaria & Joyce Badi – HVA South Sudan (Juba)

My name is called Zakaria Badi lsaiah. I am a South Sudanese by nationality, born in Yei County on Oct 17, 1970 in the Central Equatorial State. I currently reside in Juba city, South Sudan. I serve as a pastor in the Gospel Harvest Church, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Bosco Kenyi Joseph. My Bishop is Mr. Martin. I got saved in Kampala, Uganda on Oct 21, 2001. My call in God’s ministry is to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus. I also do Christian counseling. Harvest Vision was blessed to help support my attending the New Creation Bible College in Nairobi, Kenya. I started serving as the Harvest Vision coordinator for South Sudan in Feb 2022.
All about my family. My wife is called Joyce Nakadi. She is 44 years old. I have seven children with her. 1- Balasi Joel, 28 years old; 2- Moses Temeto, 25 years old; 3- Isaiah Lucha, 22 years old; 4- Naomi Gift, 18 years old; 5 & 6, are twins, Julius Letigo and Juliet Letiwa, 14 years old; 7- Christina Sebilla, 12 years old; Our family also includes one daughter of my late brother, Joice Zakaira, 32 years old (she named herself after me); and her 2 twin daughters, Mercy Faida and Blessing Mary, 6 years old. We are all 12 in number.

Augustin & Rachel Shako – HVA Western DRCongo Coordinator (Goma)

Evangelist Augustine has been the DRCongo field coordinator for Harvest Vision since 2010 to evangelize the villages, schools, and communities of the DRC despite frequent rebel uprisings and political instability. His Christian journey, however, began with EGD church in 1996 where he promptly joined a team of door to door evangelists. At the time he gave himself to Christ he was a student of INSTIGO which continues to do evangelism from door to door teams and outreaches. Over time in the church he began working with technical/sound management, singing, ushering, and is now a deacon of the church. His technical work has proved to be a vital role in ensuring the spreading of the gospel as he has always been able to upkeep and repair the equipment. The original set of equipment has been in full time use since 2008. In 2009 he married, Rachel, who was also born in Goma, and we were able to provide them with a sewing machine for a tailoring business to help meet their needs so that he could be available full time for the preaching of the gospel both in the church and through outreaches. Augustine & Rachel have 6 children. Unfortunately, because of the political unrest and economic collapse that accelerated with the war between the current government and rebels in 2013, the “tailoring” business is not practical to meet their needs. Also, Pr Isaac, the Harvest Vision DRCongo over-all coordinator and founder of the EGD church denomination that Augustine and his family belong to, have been targeted to be killed by the government and had to find refuge in a neighboring nation where he still helps oversee the ministry. Fortunately, Augustine is still able to coordinate outreaches and a produce retail shop has been established to help sustain them and meet their needs.

Evariste & Adele Habonimana – HVA Burundi Coordinator (Bujumbura)

Pastor Evariste Habonimana was born in Mugamba, Buriri province, south of Bujumbura, Burundi in 1962. Evariste accepted Jesus as his Savior and was “born again” in 1989 in Bujumbura. He met and married Nahimana Adele from Cankuzo, east Burundi, in 1992 and they live in Bujumbura with their 2 children, Vanessa and Axel and 3 other children that they care for. Their home in Kanyosha was destroyed in 1993 during the war and they started a church plant on their property there in 2010. In 2016, they finished rebuilding their home on the property and are living there. Evariste has been active in ministry throughout Burundi and has served as the Senior Pastor of Miracle Center Church since 2003. Pastor Evariste and Adele serve as coordinators for Harvest Vision Ministries – Africa in Burundi and over-see two sets of sound and video equipment that are used for outreaches every weekend. As of 2017, Evariste has planted 32 church families in 10 provinces with a total membership of over 13,000 and another 2 church families in the DRCongo. He will soon have church families in two other provinces in Burundi. Evariste has founded 3 Bible schools that provide teaching to pastor’s and leader’s in different communities.

Isaac and Jose Mwanaume – HVA DRCongo Over All Coordinator (Cairnes, Australia)

Pastor Isaac Mwanaume Mufambali was born in Rutshuru, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in 1964 and was the 10th of 14 children in the family. Isaac accepted Jesus and was “born again” in 1984 at the age of 20 while living in Mbujimayi, DRC and started in active ministry with the Assemblies of God Church in Goma, DRC in 1988. He was married to Jose from Kasangani, DRC, in August 1993 and they have 4 daughters and 3 sons and have 2 orphan boys that have been with them since they got married. Isaac started the Eglise Gloire de Dieu (Glory to God Church) in Goma in 1995 and the ministry has expanded to 23 branch churches in 4 DRC provinces and 1 branch in Kampala, Uganda with 55 pastors. The church has started 2 primary schools on Ijwe Island in Lake Kivu and includes ministry to the Wambuti pygmy tribe. He started the MIRENA (Ministere d’Intercession Paer la Reveil National) intercession ministry in 2002 and 285 intercessors from different denominations have been trained. During the volcanic eruption of Mt. Nyiragongo on Jan. 17, 2002, their home and property were destroyed. Pastor Isaac and Jose served as coordinators for Harvest Vision Ministries – Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo until rebel forces invaded the city of Goma in 2013. During the invasion and because Isaac never fully supported the existing government, that was perceived as being sympathetic to the rebels, so his life and the lives of his family were threatened and he relocated with his family to Kampala, Uganda. Isaac continues to oversee the work through the EGD pastors and through Evangelist Augustine who coordinates the outreaches and over-sees the Harvest Vision equipment that is used to support the crusades in the DRCongo. Isaac and his family currently live in Australia.