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Titus & Lorna Nyongesa Framba

Pastor Titus was born July 3, 1978 and accepted Jesus as his Savior in 1992.

Titus and his seven children live in Syanyonja in Buyinja sub-county in the Namaingo District on eastern Uganda. Titus’ wife went to be with the Lord and he married Lorna Akinyi in June 2017. Titus over-sees the Syanyonja Harvest Church Fellowship. The church is used for the Harvest Vision Bible school for the pastor’s and leader’s in the area. In April 2017, after successfully graduating many local pastors and leaders, it was determined to provide a set of sound & video equipment and generator that would be made available to them to help reach the lost in their communities. Titus will coordinate the use of the equipment and will

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