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Martin & Beatrice Ochieng

Uganda Coordinator & Treasurer

Pastor Martin Ochieng was born in Kenya April 9, 1972. Although, both of his grandparents were witchdoctors, his father was Christian and he was raised attending church. In 1984, the family moved to Nakuru Town, where he became very sick, suffering from what appeared to be a combination of T.B and asthma. His parents tried all they could and failed. The doctors did not understand the sickness, so he was released from the hospital to go home to die. One evening two preachers came to the house and found him lying on the cement floor gasping for breath and almost lifeless. After they prayed, he fell into a deep sleep, and when he awoke he was completely healed and he promised he would serve God in the future.
The next year, 1985, he had a vision about the second coming of Jesus and he started reading the bible to know more and found that all he had seen in the vision was written in the scriptures. Two years later, 1987, he had two more visions of the second coming of Christ and in the last one when he came out of the vision, a voice told him that he must give his life to Jesus. He went to the church, confessed and gave his life to Jesus.
In December, 1989, while attending high school, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in supernatural tongues. He joined with other born again students in the Christian Union, preached the gospel to fellow students and teachers and a revival broke-out and many students and teachers came to Christ. The Young Catholic and Muslim Clubs in the school were both shut down and he became the Christian Union Chairman.
After high school in 1992, he began working and serving God, then in 1994, he stopped working to help plant a church in Nakuru Town, Kenya in which he served as Assistant Pastor. While serving in the church, he attended Bible school in Nairobi and graduated in August 1997. After graduation, he planted a second church in Nakuru, but during a 5-day prayer and fasting in Bible school, the Lord spoke to him that he was chosen to go to the nations and raise the standard of believers by preaching and teaching God’s Word. After pastoring the second church for one year, God spoke to him to prepare to leave the church to someone else and go to Uganda as a missionary.
In 1999, he brought his briefcase and went to Uganda. Martin has served as Associate Pastor and missions coordinator at the Kibuli Miracle of Faith Church in Kampala until December 2009, when he left to devote himself fully to Harvest Vision Ministries. Since the year 2000, he has done missions in Rwanda, D.R Congo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, Mozambique, England, China, Australia, Mexico and the USA.
In 2000, Martin married Beatrice, a native of Uganda and they have been blessed with three beautiful children, Peace who was born in 2002, Audrey in 2004 and Isaac in 2008. Beatrice works at the Parliament and is involved in the Christian Fellowship that meets there.
Martin became involved with Harvest Vision Ministries through the internet in 2004. In February, 2005, Martin and Beatrice invited George and Linda to Africa and they visited Uganda and Kenya in November 2005. Since that time, an office has been established in the home, a website has been developed, coordinators have been established in the different countries and sound and video equipment have been acquired to support outreaches & seminars organized by different churches working together in communities. From 2007-2020, 3,204 outreaches have brought 356,025 into the Kingdom where they are now being discipled by these local church families. Ministry outreach has included Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, southern Sudan and is expanding to other countries as the Lord directs. Martin is strongly gifted and devoted to the teaching of pastors and Christian leaders. Martin is serving as the Director of Harvest Vision Ministries in Africa and the Country Director for Harvest Vision Africa (U) Ltd, our Uganda NGO. Beatrice serves as Treasurer for Harvest Vision Africa (U). The ministry primarily works to bring unity by working with all Christian denominations to help coordinate evangelism, teaching and church planting. The ministry also helps coordinate evangelism and teaching crusades and seminars that are supported by larger ministries from the USA and other non-African countries. Starting in 2009, Harvest Vision Ministries has a church fellowship department for church families being over-seen by the ministry. The ministry supports sustainability projects that help the coordinators and pastors have a financial support base without putting the entire burden on the church families

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