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Harvest Vision Ministries was started in Skagit Valley, WA, and is where much of our ministry is coordinated.
We have also branched into other parts of northwest Washington.

We are blessed to be in partnership with many individuals and para-ministries that are in ministry locally and in other parts of the country.

We share information about ministry opportunities with Christians in the community and introduce them to our co-laborers in Mexico, Central America & Africa.

We are working to bring believers that have families in Mexico and Central America into relationships with each other locally and bridging them to our coordinators in those countries.  Mission teams visit Mexico, El Salvador, and Africa to bring equipment & supplies to support outreach ministries and do evangelistic and other support activities in these communities.

We also support various needs and projects that help local native missionaries in their evangelistic and teaching ministries and meet the basic needs of people in their communities.

To find out more about how you can partner with us to pray and meet these needs, please go to the “Ministry Needs” and “Give to the Harvest” pages on the website.

Harvest Kids are young people that fellowship together and support vulnerable children in Africa.

We are working intentionally to promote and participate in opportunities for those who love the Lord to come together in fellowship and ministry so that they might feel encouraged and excited about serving the Lord with all their heart.

As peacemakers, we focus on fellowship opportunities that allow us to share testimonies and provide a sanctuary that allows the Holy Spirit to draw believers into a local church family.

We help believers to identify opportunities to use their specific calling and gifts to do their part in the building of God’s Kingdom in Washington, Mexico, Central America, and Central Africa.

We are strongly committed to interceding in prayer and sharing our God-given talents and resources, including financial ones, for spreading the gospel by recognizing, encouraging, and supporting the local native missionaries (pastors and leaders) that God has called to fulfill the Great Commission.

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