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Zakaria & Joyce Badi

My name is called Zakaria Badi lsaiah. I am a South Sudanese by nationality, born in Yei County on Oct 17, 1970 in the Central Equatorial State. I currently reside in Juba city, South Sudan. I serve as a pastor in the Gospel Harvest Church, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Bosco Kenyi Joseph. My Bishop is Mr. Martin. I got saved in Kampala, Uganda on Oct 21, 2001. My call in God’s ministry is to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus. I also do Christian counseling. Harvest Vision was blessed to help support my attending the New Creation Bible College in Nairobi, Kenya. I started serving as the Harvest Vision coordinator for South Sudan in Feb 2022.
All about my family. My wife is called Joyce Nakadi. She is 44 years old. I have seven children with her. 1- Balasi Joel, 28 years old; 2- Moses Temeto, 25 years old; 3- Isaiah Lucha, 22 years old; 4- Naomi Gift, 18 years old; 5 & 6, are twins, Julius Letigo and Juliet Letiwa, 14 years old; 7- Christina Sebilla, 12 years old; Our family also includes one daughter of my late brother, Joice Zakaira, 32 years old (she named herself after me); and her 2 twin daughters, Mercy Faida and Blessing Mary, 6 years old. We are all 12 in number.

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