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Christopher & Sharon Agenorwoth

Christopher Agenorwoth was born in Padwot Kucwiny Sub-county, Nebbi District, NW Uganda. He grew up in the family of his late father who was Rev. Yezenia Abuni, who served as Parish Pastor of Madi and West Nile Diocese from 1976 up to 1992. When he was 7 years old his father passed away. He grew up in the church as an orphan until he encountered Jesus Christ in 2001 when he was 16 years old. This happened to him after he had loved to be in the church. In one of the bible studies, they were discussing the book of Roman 6:23 about death and life. That is when he found himself going to hell but not life. Even though he prayed it was in vain so he decided to receive Jesus as his personal savior and that is why he is not ashamed to tell someone about deciding to live for Christ.

Following his ministry one day his pastor organized a prayer program at Mount Seguku at Entebbe road and it came to pass that one night the Lord spoke to a woman by the name of Florence that the Lord is going to uplift him in his ministry if he keeps his covenant with a sober mind. He explained to his pastor about all these things and his pastor counseled him deeper. Then he kept praying to God about his ministry but by that time he was used to playing piano and guitar in his church and did some minor technical services on the equipment at the church. He was invited for the gospel mission outreach with not only their ministries but other ministries as well, which gave him more experience from 2003 up to now. He loves his ministry of evangelism and it has made him known by most churches and pastors in the District of Nebbi, Zombo, Arua, and Bulisia including some pastors from the border of the DRCongo whom they share with on the mission program.

His connection to Harvest Vision is the fulfillment of his prayer which came through his church elder within the ministry of Living Gospel Mission Church. When he used to request the office of H.V.A to support their ministry with the equipment for gospel mission and as well continued to ask the office to have the extension of H.V.A to the West Nile part of Northern Uganda and later the office asked him to look for someone to be the coordinator for the program and later the elder informed Christopher and invited him to the Head office in Kampala for an interview on mission coordination and simple operational techniques, and later the director considered him to be the right person.

His vision for equipment is to maintain the good condition of it and link more churches to the program and manage the program effectively.
Christopher possesses the following skills: Result oriented, good communication skills, love for the evangelism program, and loves to win souls to Christ
He is currently a Student at a bible school pursuing a Diploma in theology.

Christopher and Sharon, a trained nurse, live with Christopher’s family outside of Nebbi with their daughter, Martha.

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