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Harvest Vision Fellowship
Curlew, WA

Pr John Seaman

Close to the Canadian border, Harvest Vision Fellowship Curlew is a place of refuge for people who are suffering from the loss of a loved one, marital difficulties, divorce, and other crises that can overwhelm people.

When we have the Lord in our lives it doesn’t stop life from happening and it sure doesn’t mean we are exempt from tragedies that are a part of everyone’s lives. The ministry was started after my daughter's life was taken in an accident caused by a drunk driver a few years ago.

Our recovery center provides a safe, quiet, serene environment for you to get alone with the Lord and away from outside influence or drama. Our spiritual counselors have experience with loss and difficulties, but more importantly with how God works and develops us into stronger warriors through our trials. We offer one on one counseling, family counseling, church and worship services and bible studies along with hiking, swimming, photography, wildlife on site, campfire songs and much more.


Come and get away
and develop a stronger relationship
with the Lord
and turn your
into a

John Seaman
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