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Skagit Valley Worship Equipment

The Holy Spirit has directed us... provide sound, video, and other worship equipment to the body of Christ to reach out to the Skagit Valley community. We “reach and win” new believers where they are and then we “teach and send” them to our local church families.

We have a 300-watt portable sound system and projector available for smaller venues, such as inside a home or garage, or for smaller outreaches in the neighborhood, park, convalescent center, etc. 

We also have Christian videos available at the Harvest Home.

If you need music, we can make an effort to contact Christian musicians that can provide the kind of music that is appropriate for your particular venue, such as gospel, contemporary, rap or rock. Or someone to share an evangelistic message of hope from a particular age group or background that might be most appropriate for the outreach.

The trailer included a drop-down stage, puppet stage, and instruments, including keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums, and video screen. The trailer had a built-in, sound-proofed generator that supplied power for the lights, sound & video projector system.


After the trailer was completed…

…it was used for a local outreach to the Cascade West Apartments in Mt. Vernon before being taken to Mexico in May 2009. In Mexico, the trailer has been used by many different church families in the city, outlying ‘cardboard’ city and to many small villages bringing unity to existing church families, helping plant new church families and realizing hundreds coming to salvation.

In August 2009, work was started to convert a larger 32’ travel trailer to be used as a worship trailer in Skagit Valley. The trailer is also generator-powered with sound and video equipment, lights, instruments, microphones, shofar, tambourines, games, a puppet stage and,, puppets. The trailer also has a supply room that could hold bags of groceries for families, sack lunches for the homeless, or bags of treats or cookies for children. The trailer is being made available to church families, para-ministries, and Christians that have a call for outreach: local parks, apartment complexes, sports fields, migrant camps, reservations, etc. or to complement other ministry outreach, such as feeding ministries, Vacation Bible Schools, youth outreaches, etc.

In 2019, we purchased a larger set of sound equipment to accommodate the annual Harvest Fest that brings people in the community together to fellowship and be blessed by musicians sharing their gift and passion for different kinds of Christian music at the amphitheater at Riverfront Park in Sedro Woolley, WA.


Please contact us if you, your church family, or the para-ministry would like to schedule the equipment or the trailer.

We can also make an effort to help people with Christian music (gospel, hymns, contemporary, rap, or rock), children’s ministry, or evangelism.

The equipment will only be used in a sensitive and legally responsible manner.