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Hi I'm Madilyn

At 4 years old, Madilyn went to Uganda with her mother and little sister, Hayley. This little girl was so moved by the way children were living that she wanted to make a difference.

How it began

Harvest Kids began when a 4-year-old girl and her 2-year-old sister heard of 25 orphan girls that were sleeping on a dirt floor at the Canaan Foundation School in Mukono, Uganda. They felt such compassion for them that they wanted to build them a home. Then “Madilyn’s House” was built for the girls to have a home. After a trip to Africa in June of 2013 that vision was expanded to include outreach to vulnerable children in central Africa. This is being done through Harvest Vision Ministries Africa and the native African missionaries that they co-labor with. The ministry was renamed Harvest Kids and continues to involve local children and young people in sharing the love of Jesus, through prayer and financial giving, to help these children. This outreach provides mosquito nets, beds, housing, health needs, education and school supplies, clothing, and other basic necessities that each orphaned, abandoned, and impoverished child needs. The kids help plan and do the fundraising, including recycling aluminum cans and donating their own change.

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