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International Relationships

USA, Mexico
Central America

We are looking forward to having more relationships with people living in Skagit Valley and other parts of Washington that have family and friends in the southern states of Mexico and Central America. The ministry in Mexico is based in San Luis, Rio Colorado, Sonora and is on the border south of Yuma, Arizona where we have been located since 2000.

Miguel and Olivia Estrada live in San Luis and serve as coordinators for the over-all ministry in Mexico.


The ministry was expanded to the southern state of Michoacan in 2017 and is based in Apatzingan where Obed & Sury Pineda live and coordinate the ministry.

Noe & Nancy Lara

Noe & Nancy Lara live in Burlington, WA and serve as the liaisons for the ministry in Central America. Noe is from El Salvador and Nancy from Honduras. In December 2019, Olivia visited the Skagit Valley in Washington and we met with some families that have family and friends in El Salvador and Mexico and began compiling a contact list that would help them build relationships with others in the area that have family and friends in the same areas and countries.

Sergio & Gloria Lopez_edited.png
Pastor George in El Salvador_edited.png

El Salvador

In February 2020, Miguel and Olivia traveled to visit and encourage Obed and Sury in Michoacan and then traveled to El Salvador to meet with George Henson, the director of Harvest Vision Ministries, and Noe. We met and confirmed Sergio and Gloria Lopez, who live in San Salvador, as the coordinators for the ministry in El Salvador. We were able to visit some of the families that have loved ones that live in our area in Washington and were blessed to see them encouraged and we witnessed a new sense of unity that transcends the distance that separates them.

We also recognize that there are many people in San Luis, Mexico that are separated from family and friends that live in the southern states of Mexico and countries in Central America that can also be brought together to pray and encourage one another. We will be compiling the information on these contacts, as well as contacts from the USA, and will be providing these contacts to the native missionaries that live in other parts of Mexico and Central America as they labor to bring the gospel message and unity to Christian believers in their communities.

For information on the leaders, go to “Harvest Vision Leadership” on the home page for each region.

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