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USA – Harvest Kids with Child’s Evangelism Fellowship

What a beautiful day that gave these young people an extra burst of energy to crush every can that had been donated. Afterwards, the kids played the “Harvest Kids“ Jenga game. Every time they successfully remove a block, they read the scripture written on the block. It is a special joy to watch the older kids take the time to help the younger ones that can’t read repeat the scripture out loud. George talked about the new Harvest Kids Animals board. We talked about how special out pets are and that many times we might think that they are the only ones that really care about us. Even the youngest thought we should also know that there are other people that also care about us. We will eventually end up with the “paw or claw” print of all the kid’s pets on a tile on the board. Thanks to Mike and Cathy for putting the board together and for Veronica that is painting the tiles. Afterwards, the kids colored a beautiful drawing that included Proverbs 17:17, “A friend loveth at all times.”

We celebrated all the October birthdays, including everyone in Africa or Mexico, and then enjoyed another fine lunch prepared by Grandma Linda. We are so grateful for Lynn and Christine from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship that come every month with great lessons and inter-active ministry. The lesson today was centered on Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” The lesson and stories are centered around giving everyone a deep understanding of the scripture and how it applies to our daily living. They kids sing it, shout it, repeat it and memorize it. The four young people that came for their first time, had the other kids help put their handprints on the board to ensure they know they are loved and appreciated.

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