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USA – Harvest Kids, Oct 12 2019

We thank God for another beautiful day for the Harvest Kids to get together. After crushing a lot of the cans, the kids decided they wanted to make a “CAN choir”. What a wonderful bunch of Jesus loving kids. The kids counted out $22.11 for their Change the World donations. We are currently waiting for Pr. Martin in Africa to tell us which vulnerable children we will reach out to help next. We shared the vision for having the Harvest Kids present the life of Jesus for the children’s Christmas parade that will happen in Sedro Woolley the first Saturday of December and everyone is looking forward to working on this as our Christmas present to Jesus. We shared about the “Harvest Friends” which will compliment the handprints on the walls of everyone that has been a part of the Harvest Kids ministry. The Harvest Friends will be the footprints of all the kid’s pets with the pet’s name and the person that God has entrusted that pet to. After a quick contest of stacking cups we enjoyed a fine lunch that Grandma Linda made and then the kids read the story of Jesus and the disciples crossing the lake and Jesus being asleep during the storm (Mark 4:35-41). Afterward, Caleb and Hailey, were challenged to come up with a skit representing that story. Afterwards, we read the story of Jesus sending His disciples in the boat and then appearing to them on the water and Peter walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33). Then Corbin and Madilyn came up with that skit and presented that to us. We finished the remainder of our time learning to make animal balloons. After the fellowship, Linda showed the girls how to prepare the pumpkins for making pumpkin pancakes in the morning. We are looking forward to the next Harvest Kids on the 4th Saturday, Oct 26th at 10am when we will be having Lynn and Christine from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship sharing with us. We would love to have any young people that you know come and join us. Please call us if you need rides or information. George 360-421-8811, Linda 360-421-8812, Veronica 425-244-2525 or Cathy 360-812-0989.

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