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USA – Harvest Kids – January 9, 2021

It started out a little chilly this morning for Harvest Kids but these young people got over a bag of cans crushed for recycling to help meet the needs of vulnerable and orphaned children in Africa. Although we didn’t have a lot of change to put in their collection to build the first two class rooms for the primary school in central Uganda, the kids were grateful that the amount they are collecting in the bullet continues to grow. We watched some of the new videos on the website including the one for Fellowship Ministries, that shows the fishing ministry that Wayne started, and another one on the “Change the World” ministry the kids use to donate their change. Wayne gave a lesson that started by asking everyone to think of some names that we might have called someone when we got angry, then he wrote them on a discolored old piece of board.

He pointed everyone to the end of the board and how pretty it was inside. He shared this verse,

He had taken another similar board and cut it into very thin strips and then had everyone see that they were pretty but also very rough. Everyone was given sandpaper and began smoothing them and eventually had them perfectly smooth and then everyone rubbed anointing oil onto their soon to be book marks. Beautiful grain and wonderful aroma. A great lesson. Then afterward the kids made some necklaces out of rocks that had been donated and we had a fun afternoon of fellowship and games. Thanks to everyone that is helping us teach these young people to be “givers” instead of just “takers”.

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