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USA – Harvest Kids – January 25, 2020

Many thanks to everyone that donates the cans that these kids get to crush and recycle to help vulnerable children in Africa. After crushing the cans, Dale helped the kids play a new game spelling words of faith by moving tiles on the floor “without using their hands”. Lot’s of fun. Afterwards, the kids counted their change and had enough money ($22) to purchase 2 more mosquito nets for the orphans that live at the Nalidi Grace primary school in eastern Uganda. George wore one of the aprons that our friend, Bonnie, had made the kids for the cooking projects they are involved with. Reggie Hunter shared about how he finds the wood and makes walking sticks, cutting off branches, sanding and sculpting each one before he seals the stick with varnish. We were able to relate all this to the story that Jesus told in John 15 about the vine and branches. The kids read the scripture verse and answered the questions. Who was the gardener? Who was the vine? Who were the branches? What is the fruit? What did Jesus mean when He said, ‘Fruit that last?’ We paused for a bit to celebrate birthdays for the month, had lunch that Grandma Linda had prepared and then celebrated with truffles that Pr. Lee Johnson had given us for the kids. After lunch, it was time for coloring different sheets related to the vine and the branches while the kids picked out sticks that Reggie had donated and used saws, files, sand paper and drills to shape their own walking sticks before applying the varnish. Thanks to all the adults that visited and spent time encouraging these young people. A special thanks to Pr. David and Faye Nichols for joining us. Everyone is excited about tonight’s Family Outreach at the Children’s Museum in Burlington and we hope to see many new families with children that we haven’t met yet.

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