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Africa – October update – October 10, 2020

I was blessed to chat with Pr. Martin, the director of Harvest Vision Africa, and he wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and support. Travel between countries in central Africa is still shutdown and although travel for people flying out of Uganda is not allowed, some foreign air travel is allowed but requires 14 days quarantine after arrival. Our friends from Taiwan in the Step 30 ministry recently donated a car for Harvest Vision and continue to sponsor programs throughout central Africa to improve the living conditions of the people. The pineapple and bean crops that were planted are getting ready for harvest and the corn that was harvested a few months ago will be milled to make maize flour which will be sold to provide money to support ministry needs. Schools are tentatively planned to start on Oct. 15th but will be only for the top graduating classes in each school, in other words the class in their last year of primary school, secondary school or university. Although there were fewer couples, they just completed their annual couple’s retreat.

The Kibuli church fellowship in Kampala continues to have many home church fellowships and discipleship classes and are now having 3 services on Sunday with strict social distance, masking and safety restrictions. The new Iganga church fellowship has constructed a small office and they are finishing the floor in the new church structure. Kibuli will be sending missionaries to help Pr. Dennis with door to door evangelism and to start training believers so they will be ready to disciple new believers when they are able to start open air crusades. Pr. Charles and the Kayunga church fellowship have completed the building of their new church building and they have purchased the property for the new Harvest Doves primary school. Because it is such a costly venture, they have opted to build the toilets and prepare the two room old church structure to start the primary school as soon as they are allowed. They can use the old structure for one year and then have to have a properly built school. This will allow these first students the opportunity to begin their education instead of having to wait until the new school is built. Step 30 and Love Benti ministries continue to be helping with sustainability projects with Pr. Christopher in Nebbi in northwest Uganda.

Pr. Simon in north Kenya has not been able to do traveling ministry because the engine on his car no longer works and he has to get a new engine. We are waiting for an estimate. Pr. Dan in Kitale in western Kenya is needing $150 to finish their building and had enough money to purchase an additional small plot for a children’s ministry. We are currently working with a Christian brother that has been working to help us register the ministry in Kenya.

Pr. Martin continues to encourage our leaders in South Sudan. They are currently working with a local chief that has been promising to give them land to build a church structure in one of the original locations where they continue to meet under a tree. If they are unsuccessful, it may be necessary for them to move to another village which will create a hardship on those closer to the original location.

Burundi and the DRCongo are doing outreaches and Burundi now has 30 pastors and leaders attending Bible school. Lot’s of door to door, hut to hut and village to village ministry and God continues to enlarge His territory every day.

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