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USA – The doctor’s drowning son – September 14, 2020

Recently, while crossing the ocean, a boy fell overboard from the deck. The ship’s surgeon did not know who he was, but he told the crew they had better go out and try to save the boy. One of the crew pulled him up. They took off his outer garments, turned him over a few times, worked his hands and feet, and when they had done all they knew to do they said, “Haven’t we done all we can?” “Yes,” replied the surgeon.

A sudden impulse told the doctor that he ought to go over to see what he could do. He went and found that the boy was his own son. Then he did not think that the last thing had been done. He jerked off his coat, bent over the boy, blew into his nostrils, and begged God to bring him back to life. For four long hours the lad hung between life and death. Finally, a flutter of breath told that he lived.

What a great difference it made when the doctor knew that it was his own son! We would possibly win more souls if we were actuated with this same love and enthusiasm for the unsaved that the doctor knew for his son.

(Excerpts from “Answered prayers and soul-winning incidents – published in 1940)

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