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USA – Open your eyes and look to the fields, March 20, 2021

What a wonderful day of blessing at the Garden of Eden family ministry

at 14799 Avon Allen Rd in west Mt. Vernon.

The Lord asked His disciples to look at the harvest fields and pray that the Holy Spirit would bring laborers and the day was filled with God’s faithful answers. We are thankful that God’s vision is being manifested and we are witness to a wonderful spirit of community as believers new and old step into the Father’s business.

We have fellowship on Sunday from 1-3pm, then break bread together (potluck) from 3-4, then have a second fellowship from 4-6pm. The first service starts with contemporary worship and the second service starts with gospel blues and hymns. We desire to create a non-threatening, Spirit-filled environment, washing everything in our lives with the uncompromised Word of God. Sharing our testimonies, including our joys and our sufferings, we can leave with the practical and personal application of God’s Word to our circumstances.

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