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USA – Harvest Kids with CEF, May 8, 2012

What a beautiful day the Lord blessed us with for our Harvest Kids fellowship today. It seems like the first thing is introducing the people that have joined us for the first time to Hope and Dove the Harvest Rabbits and then we switch our attention to crushing the aluminum cans that people have donated. It is always special when someone happens to stop by to drop off cans when the young people are here. We were able to share how God is using the money from the recycle cans along with the change they bring when they come to meet the needs of vulnerable children in central Africa. We also shared about the new school that we are praying we will be able to fund within this next year. The cost will be $13,590 and we are praying that many in the Christian community will seize the opportunity to help these young people build another school. Linda pulled some strawberry starts for these young farmers to put in pots to give to their mothers and other special women in their lives. The special lunch surprise was making bagel faces. Lynn Griffin joined us and shared the Bible story about God’s healing powers. The lesson always helps all of us learn scriptures as they apply to our everyday lives. Lots of songs, memorizing scripture, and plenty of time for questions and answers. Her prayers always include an invitation to receive Christ or recommit yourself to your relationship with Him. Afterward, we had time to do a craft and the new people were able to put their handprints on the wall. What a wonderful way to fellowship and share testimonies with one another.

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