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USA– Harvest Kids, Sept 28, 2019

After all the rain we have had, we were blessed by a sunny and calm day for our Harvest Kids gathering. Much thanks to Isaac for showing up to help George, Cathy, Linda and the kids with crushing the cans. We were praying for enough money from the Change the World donations to finish the $50 needed to meet our commitment to pay support for the teachers for the Wambuti pygmy tribe in the DRCongo and our donation to Comfort Africa that helps vulnerable children in Uganda and we were blessed to discover that again He provided for what was needed. Ironically, today is the day we actually wired the money to support the Africa ministry for the upcoming fourth quarter. In all these years, I still find it exciting to realize I can be so filled with joy when He amazingly comes through like this providing all our needs. I am amazed and happy that I still am amazed? Our teaching for the day was about friendship, with Jesus and with one another. The kids read scriptures that talked about friendship and how love is the ingredient that holds friendships together. We discussed the qualities of God’s love listed in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-6 and then the kids drew pieces of paper that listed the different attributes and they prepared skits and after the skits the adults had to guess which attribute they were acting out. Lot’s of fun. We were happy to have our neighbor, Stacy, join us for the first time and the kids welcoming her by making sure her birthday was put on the birthday board and she got her handprint of the wall. Another fine lunch prepared by Mama Linda, with a special surprise to celebrate the birthdays in September. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed coloring some pictures that Veronica picked out for us yesterday while she was at the Harvest Home. Afterwards, we visited the kangaroo farm in Arlington and then the kids helped Cathy make some zuchinni bread.

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