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USA – Harvest Kids, Sept 14, 2019

What a wonderful day of fellowship and celebration for all the work these young people are able to accomplish. We were thankful to have Jenny, from Anacortes, bring our friend, Bishop Anthony Owor, from Uganda to visit with the Harvest Kids for the second time. Many thanks to our servants, Cathy, Linda and Isaac for helping. We only had a few cans to crush because we just recycled 630 pounds the kids had already crushed and we received $159 to go toward their monthly support of the teachers of the Wambuti pygmy primary school in the DRCongo and the Comfort Africa vulnerable children’s ministry in Uganda. After crushing cans, the kids received the good news that along with their bi-weekly donations, we have picked and sold about 4,500 ears of sweet corn that our local farmer friend donated and had raised $1,775 toward the completion of the school. Everything being totaled, they had the $1,818 to finish the primary school in Uganda and almost all the money needed for their donation to the Africa quarterly support. Amazing, as is our custom, the kids let Laura, our first time visitor complete the red in the school thermometer and Melody, who is celebrating her 11th birthday, fill in the quarterly support thermometer. Afterwards, Bishop Anthony spent time with the kids as they asked many questions about children in Africa and about the country itself. They enjoyed a special “Africa” lunch that Linda had prepared, then a special “Job Well Done” ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. The rest of the time the kids made “vision boards” capturing some of the special things in their lives, including some things they would like to accomplish or have in the future. This was a special idea from a co-worker of Isaac’s named Heaven Lee and we really appreciate her sharing that with us.

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