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USA – Harvest Kids – November 28, 2020

Many thanks to Linda for making lunch and for Shelly, Armando, Amber and Wayne for bringing and encouraging these young people at Harvest Kids. They are currently filling the “bullet” to raise money for a primary school for vulnerable children in central Uganda. After they poured in another 7”, they only need 6” and they will be able to count what they have gotten so far and we can send it to Africa. We hoping the kids may get some more donations, besides their coins to get the $3,000 needed. Muslim parents have agreed to send their children to this school when it is completed and many have already converted to the Christian faith. After our birthday celebration, Deziray drew a picture to show everyone her thoughts about “friends” and everyone added more understanding by contributing words – sharing, kindness, caring, honest, loyal, joyful, focused on the good and most importantly – family. We listened to the song, “Friends are friends forever” and prayed that we could all shine the light of Jesus everywhere He leads us. We finished our fellowship with everyone using the playdough, 6v batteries, alligator clips and led lights to light up their own space.

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1
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