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USA – Harvest Kids, May 22, 2021

It was a beautiful and sunny morning, and we were blessed to have Hailey and Clara come to Harvest Kids to sacrifice their time and energy to press into what God is teaching them and to show their appreciation by helping vulnerable children, the least of these, in central Africa. They crushed all the cans that had been donated since the last Harvest Kids and then put their coins, along with other change that had been donated, into the bullet so they can finish the work on the new primary school in Uganda that already has 35 Muslim children registered. We are so excited about the opportunity for these young people, and their parents, to become acquainted with the love that Jesus has for them. Our lesson for the morning was the story of the disciples sailing with Jesus across the lake, only to be caught in the midst of a great storm. Jesus was with them but was sleeping until the disciples were afraid enough to wake Jesus up and He immediately calmed the storm. The He asked the disciples, ‘Where is your faith?” It was great to have Clara help with the drawings on the whiteboard we were using for the lesson. Later, we went to the Garden of Eden to play on the playground and set up a row of squash and cucumbers. What a blessing for the kids to see the sweet corn popping up their heads. The corn will be picked and made available for donations that will help them finish the school in Africa. Later in the fall, they will get to make their first corn maze. We are hopeful that at the next Harvest Kids, everyone will get to meet the new litter of baby Harvest Rabbits that should be about two weeks old by then.

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