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USA – Harvest Kids, June 13, 2020

We were able to get a few of the young people involved in Harvest Kids together this Saturday and we are planning to be back on schedule for the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month.

The kids crushed aluminum cans that Cheryl will be taking to the recycle Monday and which will provide money the kids will be sending to Africa to help orphans and pay teachers at the primary school for the pygmy children in the DRCongo. Prior to the virus crisis, the kids had sent money to replace mosquito nets for 25 orphan girls in a primary school, but that money was used to buy food for the children at the start of the crisis. The kids collected $176 from their change that will be available to purchase 16 of the 25 nets so they have resurrected that outreach. After they get the nets for the girls, they will be collecting for the orphan boys in that school.

During the day the kids: made deviled eggs and bagel faces for lunch, filled plastic eggs with chocolate and 5 year old Clara held her own version of an egg hunt.

They poured concrete anchors that will be used on Lazaro’s boat so he can start taking kids out fishing as part of the Fellowship Ministries. Wayne who founded the ministry and his wonder dog,

Walker, also came and he helped the kids learn how to tie knots as they made up the anchor ropes and ended up winning the tug of war with the kids.

The kids also made their own tie-dyed tee-shirts before we went to visit the Kid’s Klub at a nearby trailer park that Grandma Carolyn has to take care of children while their parents work.

Afterwards, we came back to the Harvest Home where the kids played Twister, the M&M game, fruit by the foot contest before making a road trip to visit the Granite Falls playground.

The rest of the evening they danced the night away before having their sleepover in the Harvest Home.

Thanks to Lazaro and Veronica for staying the night with them.

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