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USA – Harvest Kids, July 25, 2020

The joy of the Lord is our strength and we were blessed with an abundance as we set up for the first day of our garage sale and left to pick up the kids in Granite Falls for Harvest Kids.

We were grateful for the opportunity to fellowship and minister to those that came for the garage sale throughout the day and we also had some fresh produce from the Garden of Eden farming ministry available.

The kids had to crush cans in the back, but they got them all crushed. Then they helped set up a makeshift table because the folding tables were being used for the garage sale. Some of the kids forgot to bring their change, but they counted and had enough to purchase 2 more mosquito nets. We are only needing $22 to get the nets for 25 of the orphan girls at the Nalidi Grace primary school in E. Uganda and then they will begin saving for the 29 orphan boys.

Afterwards, we had our own version of the “Price is Right” and the kids had to guess the costs of 5 different items and then they had to guess which price was the same amount for a tablet of medicine to treat kids with malaria in Africa. They were surprised how inexpensive it was and we were blessed to share that they had blessed so many children over the last 8 years with medicine and the nets.

Grandma Linda shared about eating in Africa and then served fresh fruit, rice and sandwiches. Everyone was grateful for the bounty, especially when the meal is topped off with cupcakes for the July birthdays. We shared a message about the love that God had in His heart for everyone, even before the world as we know it was created and is really our true “birth certificate” that we only become aware of when we are born again through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ

By and by, Dale loaded up everyone into the “red van” and drove them to the Garden of Eden farming project in west Mt. Vernon. Cheryl welcomed everyone and the kids got to check out the garden and then enjoyed playing badminton, volleyball, tetherball, horseshoes and getting cooled off with the mist hoses that Cheryl had purchased.

We will soon have much more available for families and their children, including a small camping area and the worship trailer will be available for everyone to enjoy.

After getting back to the Harvest Home, the kids helped set it back up for normal fellowship use. We drove the kids that live in Birdsview back home and the others to Granite Falls.

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