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USA – Harvest Kids, July 16, 2022

The Lord has been faithful

by provide some beautiful days for our Saturday gatherings

with the Harvest Kids,

including us older Harvest Kids that come to be with these young disciples.

The kids got all the cans crushed that had been donated.

Next, we counted $112 that had been donated by our many friends,

including the money donated for the strawberries and raspberries

at the Garden of Eden.

That brings their total to $4,698 toward their goal of $5,800

to finish the classrooms for the primary school in Africa.

After singing praise songs led by Odette,

we had the lunch that

Mama Linda prepared

before she left to take care

of the garage sale at

the Garden of Eden.

(Can you see Jesus?

He sees you)

Many thanks to Zoenicole who used the puppets to teach us about anger and patience. It was great interactive teaching which allowed everyone to be involved. We are hoping that she will be able to start teaching anyone interested in the puppet ministry.

We also read the story in Acts 16 about Paul and Silas.

They were being beaten and put into prison chained up.

About midnight, they started singing hymns.

We talked about “midnight” being the time before a new day starts in our lives.

Because they allowed their love for Jesus to overcome their difficult situation,

their chains were broken and doors opened.

The other prisoners and the jail keeper and all his family were saved and baptized.

After Harvest Kids, they went out to the Garden of Eden to help Mama Linda at the garage sale, played with the bunnies in the petting zoo and built the two new soccer goals for the playground.

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