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USA – Harvest Kids – February 27, 2021

What a beautiful day the Lord blessed us with today for Harvest Kids.

Thanks to everyone that allowed their kids to come and be a blessing to God, each other, vulnerable children in other parts of the world and to the adults that came and helped. A special thanks to our guest and sister in Christ, Kelsey Kamloops, who recently returned from her training and mission with Youth with a Mission. Her commitment, passion and testimony to want to share the good news of Jesus throughout the world was an encouragement to everyone.

The kids crushed the cans that had been donated and then filled the artillery shell they are using to collect money for building another primary school in Africa. Another 7” and only 11” to go.

Our new Harvest Kids put their handprints on the wall and put their birthdays on the birthday board. It is always a blessing to sing Happy Birthday to everyone in the world that celebrates their birthday during the month – leaving no one out!

We enjoyed a typical Africa lunch, rice, pineapple, mango eaten Africa style, sitting on the floor and then Mama Linda slipped in a juicy cupcake for the birthday celebration.

Our message woven throughout the day was on how special our friends are and how the friendship we can have with Jesus is so much more special.

We played the parachute games and then a special game using M&M’s to help us get to know each other better.

Our afternoon was spent at the local skating rink, then we drove to the Garden of Eden family ministry in Mt. Vernon in time to catch brother Fred putting the last of the shavings on the blueberry bushes in the garden.

The kids helped Cheryl fill up some bags with items that will be given to our friends that live on the streets in our community.

What a blessing to witness these young disciples learn that it is better to give than receive.

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