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USA – Harvest Kids – December 12, 2020

Many thanks to those that have donated aluminum cans that these young people crush and recycle to send money to help vulnerable children in Africa. They have been working had to raise the last $500 to finish the new Christian primary school in central Africa. The kids just finished sending money to Africa for another school in the fall. Thanks to everyone that brought their change to make this dream possible. The community is mostly Muslim but many have been born again and others, although not believers, have agree to let their children attend the school when it is completed on January 1. The kids begin coloring their Christmas craft project while Wayne, the Harvest Vision liaison to Africa, talked to them about the people that live in Africa and what it means to them to know that kids all the way in America want to help them. Afterwards, the kids (and everyone) welcomed Lynn Griffin, from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship, who shared the Christmas story along with scriptures, songs, games and prayer, which included an invitation for those that wanted to invite Jesus into their lives or to be closer to Him. Lynn is a real cheerleader for Jesus and these young people and always has gifts and verses for them to take with them when they leave.

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