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USA – Four Corners Navajo Indian Reservation, Nov 20-26, 2019

Many thanks to John Seaman for joining George on this journey back to the Four Corners Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico and Arizona. The long 20 hour ride brought us to the homestead of our sister, Cecilia, and her son, Chris. Cecilia has had a vision to build a prayer house on this land for many years. We were blessed to be greeted with a mission team from the Native American Bible Ministries in Broken Bow, Oklahoma who had already started some work on the project, including building an outhouse. It was a great time of fellowship and the prayer house is being modified to include a home for Cecilia. We were blessed by spending special time with Cecilia and listen to her share about her journey of faith. We were also able to stop and visit John’s family in Apache Junction, Arizona on our drive down to Mexico. John was able to meet Miguel, Olivia and Yvann who coordinate the ministry in Mexico and we were able to visit the Centro de Suenos church family for a Tuesday night service. John was able to share his passion and love for music with the church family by playing one of his favorite worship songs. Olivia joined with us for the 29 hour snowy drive back to Washington where she will be visiting with us until December 9th. Many thanks to everyone that prays and supports Harvest Vision Ministries.

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