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USA – About the Father’s business, March 15, 2021

We are so thankful that we are witnessing a breakthrough in the reaction to the pandemic and opportunities are opening up to more effectively reach the lost with the hope that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Harvest Vision Ministries exists to help the Body of Christ reach the lost in their community, whether it is in the USA, Mexico, Central America or central Africa. We trust the prayers of those that would partner to support these co-laborers in the harvest fields where the Lord has positioned them. The Lord has provided three opportunities for the Body of Christ to help supply the finances needed to help them. Donations can be made by mail or egiving or by supporting our fund-raising such as garage sales and produce sales, when we are able to start them. For future sustainability of the ministry, the Lord prompted us to start Walker Motor Works, a used car dealership operated by our granddaughter and her husband, at 9430 State Avenue in Marysville, WA. Kylee, our granddaughter, has been active in the ministry, currently serves on the board and through the business will be helping maintain the support for our co-laborers as long as the Lord desires.

If the Lord prompts you, please join us in helping our co-laborers.

If you need a good, reliable vehicle at a fair price, or have a family member or friend that needs one, please consider WMW. Information can be found at

or call 360-363-4487 or call Kylee 360-540-0890.

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