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The World – The wonder of the womb, March 4, 2021

Satan cannot afford

for us to focus on life before birth because it is God’s time to be alone with us.

The first portion of our journey of life starts with a personal relationship alone with God in the womb = no separation = no sin. When the umbilical cord is cut and we begin to realize the cost of sin (separation), we must figure out how to take care of ourselves apart from God. Satan cannot afford for us to “enter again into my mother’s womb” as Nicodemus saw so clearly. For in the womb with God we never were concerned about what our skin color was or react to any pain that we felt. Even though we were “under water”, we were not afraid of drowning or where our next breath of air would come from. We did not worry about what we would eat, drink, wear, where we would go to the bathroom, what sex we were or what everyone else thought about us. Precious, intimate time in the presence of God. Is it any wonder, that Satan, wants us to focus our whole existence on life after birth? If there is any interest in when someone began their journey of life, even if they profess to be a Christian, it begins with: “So….when were you born?” or “so…. when is your birthday?” We started our journey of life in the world, just like Adam started his. In fellowship with God. When the Israelites finally crossed the dry riverbed of the Jordan River into the Promised Land and before the water began to flow again, the Lord had them go back and gather stones and make a pile on the side of the Promised Land. He commanded them that when their children began to take their eyes off of God, they should bring them back to those stones so they could remember where they came from. That is why we should reverence all life in the womb.

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