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The World – The human ladder rescued just a babe from the flames – January 9, 2021

Years ago the parsonage at Epworth, England, was on fire. The minister thought that all the family were safe, when suddenly one of the children appeared at a window, crying to be saved. The peasants made a ladder of themselves by standing one upon the other’s shoulders, and in this way the lad was brought to safety. That boy was John Wesley. Had the ladder failed to be made, the destiny of the world would have been different.

But today there is as great a call for human ladders to reach for the souls of men as there was to reach up to the little lad in the flaming building. And the results in the eternal world will be the same as they were when the men saved the boy Wesley.

Excerpts from “Answered prayers and soul-winning incidents – published in 1940

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