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Jim “with Joy” Kager

Our beloved brother, friend and co-laborer, Jim “with Joy” Kager, went to be with the Lord this weekend and although we know He is probably entertaining the heavenly hosts with one of his Jim jokes we know that he is also interceding for us so that we will finish the work still left for us to do. Jim was one of the friendliest and joyful Christians I have ever met and even before I committed my life to Jesus 25 years ago, he would unashamedly tell me about how he looked forward to the day I would enjoy that relationship myself. He disguised himself then as a security guard at the refinery but he became a true role model of faith for me. Even as he found himself diagnosed with a chronic disease that over the years took much of his physical abilities away, his circumstances were simply never more important than his love for Jesus and others. He has been with us since the birth of Harvest Vision Ministries and his inspiration and input have been weaved into much of the ministry that we have been blessed with locally and around the world. He has involved many residents, family members and staff at the Life Care Center in Sedro Woolley in his goal of collecting aluminum cans for the Harvest Kids and these donations have provided mosquito nets, beds, toilets, schools, medicine, clean water, food and school supplies for many orphaned and other vulnerable children in central Africa. He has been a role model for many of us and especially the children that have been encouraged by his burden to help those that are “less fortunate”. Amazing to live life with someone that faced the trials of Jim’s physical challenges and limitations and yet see them put the needs of others as being more important. A few years ago as I was leaving my visit with him, he grabbed my wrist and said that the Lord told him we needed to take frisbees to the children in Africa. We have since taken many frisbees that have been signed by residents from the care center, the Harvest Kids and many people involved with Harvest Vision Ministries. They are now scattered around Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi and the DRCongo. If you want to pick up a frisbee next time your shopping you can bring it to us and we will make sure it gets where the Lord said He would like to send them. Although I will miss his physical fellowship when I visit the Life Care Center, I am confident (and hopeful) that now that he is free from any physical burdens, I will be bothered more by him now than I have been in the former years.

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