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Canada– Reunion in Alert Bay, Sept 22-23, 2019

What a wonderfully and encouraging reunion with our brothers and sisters in Alert Bay, British Columbia. Pr. Marcus greeted us when we arrived at the Glad Tidings parsonage and we were immediately impressed by the way the living area has been remodeled. What a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We were able to visit and pray with elders Beatrice and Jane who we met when we first came 16 years ago. They would walk back and forth through the small town bathing everyone and everything in prayer. They also made their first mission trip with us to Mexico right after we first met them. Jane is now scooting through the hospital in her wheelchair at 88 and Beatrice had her 90th birthday, but their devotion to prayer and God’s Word is as purposed, fervent and vigilant as ever. “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses, let us run the race..” WOW, there goes our excuses that are always trying to draw us into disobedience. We enjoyed home fellowship with Marcus and his family, visits with Robin, Sarah and others throughout the weekend. It was a blessing to share the word of God with the Glad Tidings church family and have Marcus share his vision to reach to the broken hearted and those that are crushed in spirit in the community. Please continue to pray that Jesus can compel His disciples to love one another so the truth of the gospel can shine brightly on this island and that it might be a light that shines throughout British Columbia and to every nation.

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