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Africa – March testimonies, April 3, 2021

What a blessing to prayerfully and financially support our co-laborers sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout central Africa and we are looking forward to hearing all their testimonies. In the interim we wanted to share the news from Burundi where they coordinated 9 different weekend crusades during March and witnessed 547 new believers come into the kingdom. 106 were baptized, not counting the ones that planned on being baptized on Easter Sunday. These will be discipled by local believers until they find a local church family to belong to. We also received the following report from Pr. Titus who coordinates ministry in the Namayingo Region in eastern Uganda.


I praise the Lord who has given us more ripe fields, and this enabled us to conduct the following outreaches and discipleship programs:

From 5/3/2021 to 7/3/2021 we were hosted in KAYUNGA (Bukamba) town by HCF where we preached the gospel to 49 homesteads. Though the place is dominated by muslins, God gave us the grace to win 27 souls.

We also did discipleship programs. From 9/3/2021 to 10/3/2021 a Bible training class (HVSM) taught by Bishop MARTIN.

On 13/3/2021 we had a prison ministry at NAMAYINGO prison where we ministered to 44 prisoners and 2 officers

From 19/3/2021 to 21/3/2021 we had house to house evangelism in SYANYONJA parish and discipleship at HCF SYANYONJA. Here 12 souls were won to Christ.

On 23/3/2021, I sent evangelists in Nabwere village, Buhemba sub county. Here 4 souls to Christ.

On 25/3/2021 one team preached the gospel in Buboko village (4) souls while I and another team we ministered in 2 schools in Namavundu primary school and St Noah nursery and primary school. It was gracious. In one school they even hired machines for us.

Some nearby parents came to hear the gospel when they heard machines. In St NOAH we ministered to 155 pupils, 9 teachers and some parents. At Namavvundu primary school, we ministered to 175 pupils and 5 teachers.

In both schools, 102 pupils and 3 teachers joined the kingdom of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

On 31/3/2021, we had market at BUSIA Sofia market with a team from EVERY HOME FOR CHRIST. Here we got 77 souls.


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