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Africa – For the Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost, April 17, 2021

What a blessing to witness the Body of Christ being used to fulfill His purpose.

We were blessed to get the testimonies of 1,231 new believers accepting Jesus last month. One of the outreaches in central Uganda, brought 50 new believers into the kingdom and they have already started collecting money for iron sheets to begin a church fellowship in that community. Last year, the ministry expanded to Iganga, in central Uganda, where there are many of the Muslim faith and started door-to-door ministry because of the restrictions that were imposed because of the pandemic. A property was purchased and a meeting facility was constructed. This last Sunday, April 11th, a team of 135 from different branch church families, joined with a team of 7 from the Kibuli fellowship in Kampala and traveled to Iganga to spend a week joining the door to door ministry. On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to talk with Pr. Martin, the director of Harvest Vision in Africa, while he was teaching at one of the Bible schools in eastern Uganda. He told us that on Monday, when the teams came back to the facility, 725 people had accepted Jesus that day and had made a commitment to become part of a church fellowship to learn how to become true disciples. We are looking forward to Martin’s return to Kampala so we can be witness to the news about the rest of the weeks harvest of souls.

We thank everyone of our co-laborers here that provide the prayer, encouragement and financial support needed to do our part.

We would appreciate the support of anyone

being led to join us as we witness

this time of revival and great harvest.

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