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Africa – Burundi praise report, September 4, 2021

Many thanks to our USA co-laborers that pray and financially support our co-laborers in central Africa and the other locations we are blessed to be serving. We just received this report from our coordinator in Burundi, Africa. Praise God and give Him the glory!

“Rapport August 2021

Praise the Lord, I am very happy that this month was very good, we were planning to reach in 15 communes and we did it. In those communes we reached 20 different places.

In this summer before the schools open again, we went in Evangelization with 210 youths from Bujumbura and other provinces and no one got sickness. We Praise the Lord for that.

We have got 2,654 souls got saved and 5,300 returned to the Lord.

We have prayed for sick people and they received the miracle.

Family that they were not together they accepted to return home and become one again.

They were 150 children that they had decided to stop school we encouraged them to return back and they accepted.

We have helped 30 students with school notebooks and 5 we paid for them school fees.

Continue to pray for Burundi on this September 13th they will go back to school. They are many students still now they don’t have uniforms and notebooks and they don’t know how they will get it. Please pray for them may our Lord make a way for them.

Thank you so much for your Prayers and support

Be blessed

Pastor Habonimana Evariste

Bujumbura- Burundi”

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