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Africa – Archer’s Post, Samburu, Kenya – March 14, 2020

We finally took off from Kampala, Uganda to Samburu in the northern part of Kenya. We were blessed to have Pr. Simon, our north Kenya coordinator, travel with us. After we got through immigration at the Kenya border we were met by Pr. Titus, our east Uganda coordinator, who had traveled home from the conference to get his wife and child so he could bring them to meet us. We traveled to Nakuru and spent the night and arrived in Samburu in northern Kenya the next afternoon. Great sharing about the future needs of the ministry as we pray, share the love of Jesus and expand His Kingdom. Along the way we saw baboons, gazelles, rhinos and shared the road with a herd of camels. We were greeted by Rose, Simon’s wife and children then enjoyed a wonderful meal she had prepared for us. This was Wayne’s first time to visit the family and the home in Kenya so he had bought both Rose and the kids some ‘sweet’ gifts. Tomorrow we will be visiting a local church then visiting a tribe out in the bush that live in clusters of minatas, small round mud and stick homes, that are clustered together for protection.

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