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Africa – April & May outreach reports, June 1, 2021

God does miracles so often if you’re not careful you will miss them.

We received the report this morning that our admin coordinator’s husband just got out of the hospital where he had been hospitalized with covid. She herself is pregnant 7 months and had covid but they are ok.

This morning she put out her request to all the coordinators to send in their April and May outreach reports, apologizing for not getting their April reports because their home had caught on fire.

The first responder to the request this morning was Augustin from Goma, DRCongo.

They just went through the volcano eruption and earthquake tremors that destroyed many parts of the city and he had sent his wife and 7 children to begin travel many miles to find safety with a relative. He chose to remain in Goma to help others and is back at their home.

“Gospel for the month of April 2021. On April 21,2021 at the Mont Goma Institut. Those the participated were 540 students. The people who believed in Jesus were 26 students. Five people were baptized. Gospel for the month of May 2021. In the Katindo District on 14 May 2021. Those the participated were 210 persons. The people who believed in Jesus were 12 persons. Two people were baptized.”

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