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John & Lena Seaman

Born in California in 1967 to Jim and Terri Seaman we set off to Washington state in 1968 for job opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.


I was raised in the small town of Colville in northeastern Washington. Although my parents weren’t Christians, our tiny community was, and everyone had Christian values whether they believed in God or not.


My parents divorced when I was just 8 years old, which started me down a rough path of rebellious behavior. When I was sixteen, I found myself in juvenile detention where I met the Lord for the first time. I still remember the date, August 22, 1983. I had no mentoring once I left jail and I wandered in the wilderness until I was forty-four years old.

I had been in and out of several “Churches” throughout my adulthood, seeking the truth and trying to find my path. There was little discipleship, if any, to help me develop my relationship with Christ. At the age of 35, I started teaching Sunday school at a large Baptist Church in Lynnwood Washington. I also attended their bible college in hopes of learning as much as I could about God. I still had no idea what it meant to have the Holy Spirit in me, so I was empty, yet still seeking God.


I had this true, deep, and wanting desire to get that moment back that I had with Jesus in 1983. I knew that wasn’t fake and there was something more to life and Jesus was the answer.


My world fell apart just a few years later when my wife left me. All I knew was my family, and the love I had for her was the best thing I had experienced other than that moment with Jesus. My depression and pain spiraled me into drugs, alcohol, and a life of hopelessness. I stopped caring whether I lived or died and started to live accordingly.


I became a very bad and dangerous man. No one from the churches I attended ever called me or reached out to me until it was far too late. I was at rock bottom. Homeless, addicted to several drugs, and slowly killing myself day by day. All I had was a few clothes and an old bible I had found in an abandoned house in the mountains. 


Then one late, rainy night I got a call that changed everything. It was my son calling to tell me my pregnant daughter’s car had been hit by a drunk driver. I was absolutely devastated. I immediately realized how selfish I had been living, and I cried out to God at that moment. I got another call just a few hours later that my daughter was put on life support to save the baby she was carrying, (he didn’t make it) and I knew I had to find my way 3,000 miles to be with them.


A total stranger paid for my flight to Dallas, and I went the very next day. I had just been given a diagnosis of a terminal illness just days before and was supposed to see a specialist, but I didn’t care, I had to be with my son and daughter.


For 391 days I watched my daughter struggle to live. I did the only thing I knew I could because this was the most helpless and hopeless time in my life, I read my Bible and prayed. Jesus and I became friends again. He started to grow within me, even as I continued to fail Him.


I watched miracle after miracle with my daughter and within myself.


I started to understand the Holy Spirit, and how important it was to receive Christ within me.

Just before my daughter passed away from her injuries, I got a call that my stepson, JJ, had passed away from a drug overdose. Again, I was devastated. I couldn’t leave my daughter to be there for his funeral, or to be by his mother’s side.

Once again, I felt hopeless and helpless, but this time I had the Lord in me to give me the strength I needed to deal with this pain.


Soon after my daughter passed away, I found my way to a farm in Sedro Woolley, Washington that took in strays like myself. A wonderful pastor friend and his wife helped me get back on my feet and showed me how to be selfless towards others. I was on fire for the Lord for the first time in my life. I knew at that moment that helping others through their darkness was what God had planned for me. I knew that the tragedy, pain, loss and suffering in my life were my college education for Christ. He was using the pain, the heartaches, all the loss and suffering to make me who He wanted me to be.

In 2014 I parted ways with the farm and found a wonderful relationship with Pastor George and Linda Henson and Harvest Vision Ministries. People who fit my path with Christ. Genuinely loving and selfless servants of Christ who give everything to win the souls of God’s lost sheep. I knew from the beginning that they would help me develop and grow the ministry that God called me into, and so they did. Their discipleship and knowledge, along with their personal walk with Christ helped me excel for Christ and my path was set. I now had the tools, the knowledge, and the calling to help others find their path from hopelessness to hope. 

One day God showed me a vision to take the ministry to the mountains, and so I did. I loaded up what little I had and just drove. I found myself in a tiny town in the mountains only an hour away from where I grew up. God showed me a property there and made a way for me to purchase it for the ministry. Soon after I was healed from my terminal illness. Although our ministry struggles, we’re debt free, but still in the process of planning and building a refuge for God’s lost and suffering sheep to come and find hope. 

Our goal is to help others suffering from addiction, loss of loved ones, feelings of hopelessness and those wandering in the desert, seeking their place with the Lord. Our vision is clear, and our path is before us. John became an ordained pastor with Harvest Vision Church Fellowship in September 2015 and works with Pastor Mike Dellinger, who was ordained in August 2019, at the Eagle Cliff Community Church in Curlew.


John met Lena at his new home in Curlew. They married at the Garden of Eden family ministry in April 2021. Lena helps John with his work to all in the area. 


Love and hope are our mission.

May God continue to help us grow and may He make a way for us to be the light in the darkness.

Thank you,

Pastor John D Seaman

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