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Joseph Tambaki

My name is Evangelist Tambaki Joseph and my life’s journey is one of profound transformation and unwavering faith.

I am called Joseph.


I was born in the Picturesque District of Buddaka in Eastern Uganda. 

A place steeped in Tradition and Mysticism.

What sets my story apart is the remarkable journey from the shadows of sorcery to the radiant light of Faith in Christ.

I hail from a family deeply entrenched in sorcery, and as I grew up, I became a secular musician and, regrettably, a drug addict. My path was filled with turmoil and restlessness, searching for solace and peace.

In my request for inner peace, I converted to Islam, hoping to find the serenity that had eluded me for so long. However, my conversion did not bring the peace I sought. It was a turning point, a realization that there was something more profound I needed to explore.

Amidst my relentless pursuit, the memories of the Gospel of Christ I had encountered during my school days and childhood began to resurface.

The truth in those words became increasingly compelling.

My journey eventually led me to the bustling city of Kampala.

Driven by dreams of business and a desire to continue my music.

Yet, all my ventures seemed to falter.

Even my attempts to join the army met with disappointment.

During a particularly tiring period, when I was staying with my sister, Judith, Pastor Jeff, a man of God visited our home.

He extended an invitation for me to come to church.

The moment I stepped into the church, a profound transformation occurred within me.

I felt the fire of God ignite my soul, and I discovered the everlasting peace I had longed for, as described in Mathew 11:28.

From that moment forward, I felt a calling to share the Gospel of good news with others. 

The passion to preach Christ’s message took root in my heart and continues to burn within me to this day.

In my spiritual journey, I received a vision to proclaim Christ to the entire world.

It is a vision that drives me to mentor and disciple evangelists,

spreading the message of Hope and Salvation.

My mission is to reach even the farthest corners of the world with the transformation.

Today. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to serve as a team leader in the soul winner movement under the pastoral guidance of Bishop Martin at Harvest Church Fellowship and to work with dedicated individuals in our church branches.

Together, we strive to fulfill the vision of preaching Christ to the whole world and sharing the message of Love, Faith, and Salvation with all who will hear.

My journey from the shadows of uncertainty to the light of faith is a testament to the incredible power of God’s Grace and his ability to turn a life around.

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