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USA – There is only one promise that really matters, Oct 25, 2022

We are blessed to receive testimonies of people being saved through the sharing of the gospel by our co-laborers in central Africa. This morning we received this message from Augustine who lives with his family in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and who chooses, along with his family, to put sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ as the most important thing in their lives.

Augustine –

“Good morning pastor.”

George –

“Good morning.

How is the DRCongo and the family?

We are praying for you all and that many people will open their hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Augustine –

“We are still in a critical situation of war with us.

The rebels have begun to wage war again which makes a difficult life.

If God does not help us our children risk dying with starvation.

Food has become very expensive.”

It is this reality that is the foundation for the peace they have

because they focus on what is praiseworthy and excellent

which is the promise of eternal life with God in the new heaven and the new earth.

That reality is in conjunction with the fact that

DRCongo is considered to be the richest country in the world

with natural resources estimated to be worth over 24 trillion US dollars.

With 60 million of the 96 million people

in the DRCongo living on less than

$2.15 US per day.

Last weekend, believers that attend the church in the Muslim ghetto in Kampala,

came together for overnight prayer then went through the neighborhood,

door to door, and over 240 people accepted Christ.

They had no money, food, or medicine to help them – only the promise of the gospel.

Why are these people’s salvation more important than the other circumstances,

including sickness and death, that they face every day?

Last year when the government shut down all transportation,

there was no food brought into the city.

Although the believers helped as many as they could,

they watched as children died in their mother’s arms

and parents died in the arms of their children from starvation,

they weren’t able to prevent, and God allowed it.

God’s gift of self-will to all humankind allows evil to exist to serve its own purpose.

It is the price that

God’s unconditional love

was willing to pay for us to have

the freedom and responsibility to make our own choice.

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