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USA – The gift that keeps on giving, Dec 22, 2021

Is there such a thing as a gift that keeps on giving?

We are happy to report that you can give such a gift.

First, for everyone that helped the Harvest Kids raise the money to build the Harvest Doves primary school in Kayunga, every year new kids will start school using the same building year after year. Now there is another opportunity to give another gift that keeps on giving. The school is in need of 40 desks and contrary to what some people may think, when the students advance to the next grade they do not get to take their desk.

Soooooo the desk keeps setting new students every year!

The Harvest Kids were asked to help get the desks. They are $28 USD each. The kids have bravely launched themselves to making that vision a reality and would appreciate any encouragement, prayers and if possible, a donation to maybe help with a desk.

A local farmer has donated shelled hazelnuts for the kids to use for donations and Linda has them available at the Harvest Home Tue-Fri, 10am-4pm. If you would like to get some any other time, please call Linda at 360-421-8811. At the moment, we estimate the kids have enough for 15 desks.

The Harvest Kids will be having their regular fellowship at the Harvest Home on Saturday, January 1 from 10am-1pm.

After 8 ½ years of twice a month, we will be meeting every Saturday after January 1st. You can drop off change or a donation anytime or at the meeting on January 1st.

You can also mail a donation to Harvest Vision Ministries, 9467 Pierce Lane, Sedro Woolley, WA, 98284. Electronic donations can be made on-line from the website.

Please partner with us as we do everything possible to encourage these young disciples as they make Godly choices which help transform them from a “getter” to a “giver”.

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