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USA – Smokey Point Rest Area ministry

Many thanks to everyone that helped with cookies and volunteering their time to serve the people that stopped by the Smokey Point Rest Area on I-5 this last weekend. We had over 17 volunteers that shared hours together in fellowship with each other as well as providing a welcome hot cup of coffee or cocoa and a couple of cookies to those that stopped by. There were lots of testimonies of wonderful people and, as usual, the “it’s a small world” as we met people that we knew or people that knew someone we knew or were related to. At 2:15am, two young men stopped in on their way home to Burlington and we ended up talking about Jesus and sharing our faith. One was a professed believer, the other, his friend, just believed that God is a loving God and we only have to be kind and good people and everything would work out. A great time of sharing and fellowship. We had a great conversation and I had the privilege of praying with them before they took off for Burlington at 4:15am. We will be there again this weekend, Nov 1-4. Please contact Linda at 360-421-8811 if you are able to provide some cookies and would like to do a shift at the rest area.

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