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USA – Salt & Light fellowship, May 24, 2021

We are thankful that the season of preparing the Garden of Eden family ministry to be used to “prepare and equip the saints” is finished. It is now available for the Body of Christ to use to each do their part and we know that soon other believers will heed the call to make all or portions of their properties, time and possessions available for the Body to use to complete it’s mission to reach the nations with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. During our time of labor, we have been led to have fellowship amongst the workers as the Salt and Light fellowship at 1 pm and 4 pm at the fellowship center at the Garden of Eden on Sundays. In order to ensure the fellowship center is available to accommodate others, we will no longer be meeting at 1 pm, but at 3-4 pm for a potluck and those that want to remain, we will have worship, a word, testimonies and prayer from 4-6 pm. Eventually, we pray that it will be an opportunity for those that are called to help ensure the Garden of Eden ministry is maintained and is being used to accommodate as many needs of the Body as is possible to meet and fellowship together. We will also be available to help others use their properties for all or some of the elements of ministry they have been called to do. Please check out the Garden of Eden family ministry under USA on the website:

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