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USA- Our kids helping God’s kids in Africa, Feb 14,2023

Please take a few minutes and encourage and pray for these young disciples that are being raised up right in our own communities in Whatcom, Skagit and Snohomish counties.

Over two years ago, Pr. Charles, who coordinates ministry in Kayunga, Uganda and the church family were prompted to build a primary school for the orphaned and vulnerable children in their community and they invited the Harvest Kids to help. Land was purchased and the school for grade 1-5 was started and completed with 30 students attending. During that time a few non-Christians were converted and sent away from their families. They lived in the community and not only didn’t hold their persecution against their families but showed them kindness. The result was they asked to have their children attend the Christian school. That became a problem for the ministry of education that approved the school. The school was given until the end of the year (Dec 2022) to finish the 5th & 6th grade classrooms to accommodate the graduating students and again the Harvest Kids rose to the challenge, purchased the property and were working to get the money needed to finish the sealing and painting ($2,258). They raised $1,000 which was sent and continued to work toward the balance.

The ministry of education approached the school and decided the original and approved toilets were in the wrong location and needed to be moved or the school would not be allowed to start. Pr. Martin, the director of Harvest Vision in Africa contacted us and after prayer it was determined the $1,000 was needed to move the toilets to ensure the school would be able to start. The school started just last week, even though the sealing and painting of the exterior has not been completed. Praise God!

That decision was made last week and left us with the challenge of sharing this news to the Harvest Kids. Ironically, within 24 hours we were contacted by a local farmer that had called to let us know that he had sent two cows to the butcher and wanted to know if the we wanted them to raise funds to help the Harvest Kids. We accepted and paid the $995 for the processing and now have 416 pounds of good hamburger. We are accepting donations of $5 a pound. That will replace the ministry money we used to pay for the processing and leave a little over $1,000 that will put the kids fundraising goal back to where it was.

If you or anyone you know would like to pray, encourage or financially support these kids from our own communities that are helping their brothers and sisters in Africa have their own school, please contact us at 360-421-8811, 360-421-8812 or 360-202-7429. We are located at the Garden of Eden family ministry at 14799 Avon Allen Rd. in west Mount Vernon.

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