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USA – Once upon a time, Oct 28, 2021

Once upon a time (a few days ago), George, Dale and Linda were together in the Harvest Home preparing some food to give to those in need and some activities for the Harvest Kids that we are blessed to serve when they come the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

Linda had invited one of our friends to stop by

to pick up some vanilla we had bought for her

from Mexico.

Then it happened.

Obviously, this wasn’t a visit by a stranger,

but the outcome of this scripture was fulfilled.

She brought her precious 7-year-old daughter with her.

We (Dale and I) are not sure what they talked about because for the hour and a half we were swept into a wonderful time of petting the rabbit, picking dandelions in the neighbor’s yard to feed the rabbit, drawing on the white board, making balloon animals and just spending the time with this angel.

Maybe we can appreciate in a deeper way what Jesus

was trying to communicate to His disciples when

and what Isaiah meant when he said:

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