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USA – Making disciples of all nations, Nov 18, 2021

We are so thankful to live in a nation which provides us with the opportunity to extend our prayers and financial support to those that are in the harvest fields across the globe.

Harvest Vision is in partnership with leaders that God has called to support evangelism and teaching in different regions and countries in central Africa and these leaders ensure that our gifts are used for the expanding of the kingdom.

We were just made aware of some significant needs for some medical help for the coordinator of the ministry in the eastern DRCongo, the replacement of a mixer used for outreaches in Burundi and some clothing needed for the widow of our first coordinator in South Sudan. We will be trying to send these funds in this next week.

We are also trusting God for the resources to send the quarterly support for all the coordinators the end of the year. We are praying that the Lord will prompt the hearts of our Christian brothers and sisters here in the USA to join with us by becoming a monthly partner.

Any donation would be helpful and is needed to encourage and support our brothers and sisters there, as well as in Mexico and El Salvador.

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