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USA – Looking forward to the day of God, April 22, 2021

We are so thankful for the co-laborers that have prayed and supported the work of our co-laborers in central Africa the last 15 years and we are grateful for the hundreds of thousands that have come to faith in Jesus Christ and are even now reaching others. We have spent much time and some resources on seeking out a sustainability project that would help provide empowerment to the laborers there and the funds needed to provide the expenses needed to keep the present workers in their harvest fields. That would allow our resources to be used to branch out to the other countries in other parts of Africa and wherever else we might be led. Pr. Martin has now been given the Lord’s direction to begin a macadamia nut farming project which will fulfill that goal within the next 4 years. He is preparing to plant the first trees on some property that the ministry owns in Mukono, Uganda outside of Kampala. He is confident that there will be money available from the pineapple farm to clear and plant those trees. After seeking counsel and visiting other farms, the Lord brought him to 18 acres in the best agricultural area for the trees in central Uganda that is now available. The cost of the property is $25,000 USD and some change. We are praying that some of the local branch church families in Uganda will “adopt” an acre to help prepare and even purchase those trees. We are believing that we have co-laborers here in the USA that have the resources to help us fund the work and would ask each of you to prayerfully consider helping. Because to meet this challenge, it will require at least some gifts that are more than what we normally receive, this is not ministry as usual for us, but neither are these the days to not rise to a higher challenge.

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