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USA – Linda at Four Corners and in Mexico, April 6, 2023

Many thanks to everyone who is covering Linda on her mission through the Four Corners Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and further south down in San Luis, Mexico. She visited with Cecilia, who we met about 20 years ago right after she got saved and went on a mission trip from her church on the reservation to Mexico. Over the years we have been able to minister with her in that community and she has been a frequent visitor in Washington with the Harvest Vision family. After a two year long battle with cancer, she was recently healed and will be able to complete the work on her third book. In 2018, she wrote “Out of Darkness in to the Light – My life struggles and discovery of Christianity” and in 2019, she wrote “Out of Darkness in to the Light”. Both are available on Amazon. We are looking forward to a visit from her this year. Linda arrived in Mexico last night, and will be having a women’s meeting on Saturday with Olivia, who along with her husband, Miguel, are the over-all coordinators for the ministry in Mexico. She will be visiting and ministering in San Luis until she returns about April 14th. Thanks for your prayers and support. We are also looking forward to visits with Olivia here this summer also.

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