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USA – Help us spread the gospel, July 14, 2021

We are blessed to be co-laborers with our brothers and sisters in Christ that have chosen to dedicate their lives to the reaching of the lost in their communities in central Africa.

We now have two countries that we are working together with that have lifted restrictions and are now able to return to doing crusades and outreaches. Each of our coordinators have been given the sound and video equipment needed to work with existing church families to organize these outreaches.

Unfortunately, some of the equipment has failed and they are having to pay rent for those pieces of equipment. That money comes out of the little money they have for transporting the equipment, which limits the number of outreaches they can organize.

In the DRCongo, they need an amp/mixer ($500) and a bass speaker amp ($300). In Burundi, they need a generator ($1,500), 2 speakers ($400), amp/mixer ($200) and two microphones ($100).

This is equipment they can purchase in Africa.

Please pray that they will soon have the equipment needed.

If you or your friends can help with any one item or would like to send a donation to meet these needs it would be appreciated and help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to those that have not heard.

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